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Vices | Virtues


lucifer morningstar … ? is that a stage name or something ? | it’s god-given, i’m afraid. • did my father send you ? • i don't want to die. | i won't let you. father's just going to have to wait for you. • why don't i affect you, detective ? | i guess we all have our mysteries. • ( you're changing, lucifer. stop caring. you're the devil. | maybe it's a who that's changing you. ) • do i scare you ? | no. • ( really, chloe. you're sleeping with this idiot ? | don't worry, lucifer morningstar is out of my life. he was just some ... i don't know ... mystery i wanted solved. ) • despite all your weirdness, i actually really like working with you. | i have never lied to you ; i will never lie to you.

---- okay, you win. WE'RE PARTNERS.

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