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“Blade-to-blade, they were identical. After thousands of hours in lightsaber sparring, they knew each other better than brothers, more intimately than lovers; they were complementary halves of a single warrior.
This was not Sith against Jedi. This was not light against dark or good against evil; it had nothing to do with duty or philosophy, religion or morals.
It was Anakin against Obi-Wan.
Just the two of them, and the damage they had done to each other.”

- Revenge of the Sith, Matthew Stover

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I'm not normally one to comment on 8tracks playlists, especially since I'm slowly moving away now that 8tracks has started to implement ridiculous rules. But this mix is so beautiful and so perfect I thought you deserve to know that this has to be my favorite one ever. Beautiful and sad, just like the two men this mix was made for. Thank you for sharing it.

@Amare oh wow, that means a lot! i love hearing i managed to share that kind of emotional response with others! their story is so tragic i had to try to express it this way... and yeah, as an australian i’ve been moving away from this site for the same reason. it has a sense of community i’ll miss though :’(