Vincent Valentine
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mysterious melody


where do you come from?

  • ''You May Call Me Marth.'' by Lumiel
  • Schala's Theme (Remastered) by 60-Chrono Trigger
  • You May Call Me Marth (Music Box) by Bechaunan
  • On The Other Side Of The Mountain by Final Fantasy 7 OST 2
  • Legend of Zelda OoT by Great Fairy Fountain
  • The Nightmare Begins by FFVII
  • Cries Of The Planet by GuayMonster
  • A Phantom and a Rose by Secret of Mana
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This is a great mix (props for the Secret of Mana stuff) but it looks like the soundcloud move pushed it to unplayable. :( I hope you bring it back, because it's an awesome mix!