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XXI Forever


Hear a song that you like while your shopping?

Here's a playlist from Forever 21: Full of Pop, Indie, 80's, and Runway Beats ;)

209 tracks
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Hey , I was in forever 21 yesterday & this song came on with the intro starting with something like na na na na na na neh sorry it's not much to go by but that all I can remember :( please help. It's been stuck in my head since. Thank you!

Hey, thanks for the playlist! I was shopping in one of the F21 Stores while on vacation in NYC and I hear a lovely 80's song but i don't know it's name.

I imagine its one of the songs included here... I wonder if maybe you have a written list to search the one I'm tryin to find. Could you help me and please please send it to me? I'm from Chile so I don't have a near chance to come back to the Store..
My mail is Thanks a lot!