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Feast Days in the Shire


"Indeed, in one corner some of the young Tooks and Brandybucks, supposing Uncle Bilbo to have finished (since he had plainly said all that was necessary), now got up an impromptu orchestra, and began a merry dance-tune. Master Everard Took and Miss Melilot Brandybuck got on a table and with bells in their hands began to dance the Springle-ring: a pretty dance, but rather vigorous."

Some cheerful melodies to bring to light your Hobbit side (yes, we all have one, even if we don't know it) and make you feel as if you were in the Shire during Midsummer's day or Bilbo's birthday.

14 tracks
4 comments on Feast Days in the Shire

honestly one of my favourite lotr playlists, I really fell like I'm in the shire and surrounded by dancing hobbits

@larrysun thank you very much! ** It was precisely my aim to make you feel as if you were in the Shire (and while listening to these melodies I feel this way, too). So kind, thanks again! ^^