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Did I Say That Out Loud? [skeleton dance]

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this may seem odd, but whenever I try to go into the track it always skips over to another playlist, so I was wondering, if its not too much trouble can I have the songs you used? you picked them really well btw

@ectobiologist._ yeah, absolutely! i'm so sorry this response took forever but the songs i used were: "did i say that out loud" by the barenaked ladies, "growing on me" by the darkness, "my nemesis" from phineas and ferb, "true love" by pink ft lily allen, "falling for the first time" by barenaked ladies, "love like you" from steven universe, "i will never (be your friend)" by irish stew, "your love is my drug" by kesha, "the best thing i never knew i needed" by ne-yo from princess and the frog, and "when we didn't get along" from phineas and ferb :)