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ego freaks and drama queens - a leosaya fst

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Track listing:

Do Better - Say Anything
"It's ego freaks and drama queens
The young at heart know what I mean."

Girls Like You - The Naked and Famous
"What will you do when something stops you?
What will you say to the world?
What will you be when it all comes crashing down on you, little girl?"

Under the Sheets - Ellie Goulding
"You left a bloodstain on the floor
You set your sights on him
You left a handprint on the door
Like all the boys before, like all the boys before."

Witchcraft - Pendulum
"I cannot hear her breathing
Something doesn't seem right
Kill her in the hallway
We're living in a set time."

Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Panic! at the Disco
"Oh now I do recall, we were just getting to the part
Where the shock sets in, and the stomach acid finds a new way to make you get sick.
I hope you didn't expect that you'd get all of the attention.
Now let's not get selfish
Did you really think I’d let you kill this chorus?"

Playing for Keeps - Elle King
"You prayed to have your name scattered on the lips of the young
Now you claim that it's you on the tips of their tongue.
And if you're proud of what you had to kill to get you thrill
Well, I bet it stings to give up everything and realize
That they don't want you."

Totally Fucked - Spring Awakening
"Disappear, yeah, well, you wanna try
Wanna bundle up into some big-ass lie.
Long enough for them to all just quit
Long enough for you to get out of it!"

Not In Love - Crystal Castles
"And we were lovers, now we can't be friends
Fascination ends
Here we go again."