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let's dance like we used to - a leosaya fst


you've got blood on your hands, and i know it's mine.

i wasn't all that happy with my last fanmix, so i made another! art credit goes to mushkav on tumblr and track listing is in the comments.

9 tracks
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Track listing:

Superstar - Tegan and Sara
“fear is the color you’ve all exposed
now i’ve gotta get up here and prove my importance”

Girls Like You - The Naked and Famous
“what will you do when something stops you
what will you say to the world?
what will you be when it all comes crashing down on you, little girl?”

Unfinished Business - White Lies
“you’ve got blood on your hands and i know it’s mine
i just need more time
so get off your low and let’s dance like we used to”

Fine Art - Limousines
“and the only things left will be the bones of our promises”

Not In Love - Crystal Castle
“and we were lovers, now we can’t be friends
fascination ends
here we go again.”

Do You Want To Die Together? - Stars
“well i look alive, but inside i’m dead.” “well, let’s make it true.”

Knife Going In - Tegan and Sara
“but on the night i die, i swear
i’ll sleep outside your window”

Kids - Lady Danville (MGMT Cover)
“memories fade, like looking through a fogged mirror”

Kids Will Be Skeletons - Mogwai