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Mornings In Love.


I love waking up to the feeling of your lips on my shoulder. I love when you know just how I like my tea, and I know just how you take your coffee. I love when you dance with me to my French music while I'm trying to make breakfast and the food ends up burning. I love when we decide to escape back into bed after eating one too many breakfast pastries because a mid-morning nap sounds just right. Most of all, I love how you love me in the morning, because that kind of love is the best.

10 tracks
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I completely love this mix except for "Married Life" since it brought me back to the beginning scenes of Up and I wanted to cry my eyes out. Haha, semi-kidding, but in seriousness the whole playlist start to finish is lovely.

love love love this mix! love listening to this when im making/serving breakfast tithanks for this compilation!