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be more chill


inspired by my read-throughs of ned vizinni's novel and the character of jeremy heere.
if you're a musical fan, please note that i am aggressively anti-hamilton.

12 tracks
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it's hard to find other musical fans that are anti-hamilton and i appreciate that a hell of a lot. regardless of that this is a really nice playlist and ty for making it

@heere oh my goodness, thanks! i love jer, i love him lots and i'm fatally attached to the novel, i've read it quite a few times this summer so far and it's what lead me to the musical, which i also love and enjoy! it sucks, though, because as someone who loves the musical but isn't really a 'musical' person the fandom is often bogged down by fans of hamilton and that's truly sucky. but i'd die for jeremy heere and that's a Fact

@virgoe you're welcome! and as someone who was raised a musical person and consequentially got into them online, it's always hard to avoid the shitty fans and musicals no matter what musical it is you're into. it's always good to see people making good content without being into the shitty stuff. also me too, i'd die for him and christine in a heartbeat