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Electric Octopus

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It would have been nice if you would have asked to use my copyrighted artwork and maybe linked back to the original source. --Tammy Wetzel/Artgrrl Productions

@anon-10157005920225627 Hey. Sorry. My bad. You can send me here the link that you want me to display on the description or If you want me to change the cover, just say the word.

@vitorhp2 Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Today just happened to be the day I found my artwork all over the web being sold on products I didn't give permission for so I got a little sassy. You can link to it here if you'd be so kind: Great mix by the way ;-)

@anon-10157005920225627 No problem. Some of my friends are illustrators. I know the struggle. Glad you enjoyed the mix. The link is already in place. Your art is beautiful. Keep it up :D

A lot of these tracks can no longer be listened to. I really like what I can hear of the playlist, though. Could you release the tracklist so I can listen to the rest as well?

@gelema121 Here it is. Sorry for the long wait. - Jedi Theme (Remix) - Coyote Kisses
Drive Hard - Prototype Raptor
Stay Crunchy - Ronald Jenkees
French Kiss - Throttle
Letz Rock - Muzzy
Shempi - Ratatat
We can make the world stop - The Glitch Mob
Acid Wolfpack - Coyote Kisses
Grand theft Ecstasy - Feed Me
Smack my bitch up the Orinoco Flow - Prodigy vs Enya
Tremble (Out now) - Vicetone
Daybreak - overwerk
Medicine - Daughter
Midnight City - M83
River Flows in you - Jasper Forks
The Legend of Zelda - Zedd