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the traveller

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@caufieldreport author here- sorry for the lateness: I sort of made this story up as I went, but yes, she’s from before 1912- I was thinking 1760-1780, as she’s implied to be from Scotland, and the first song had such a longing tone to it that I figured she’d have to be from post-Jacobite Scotland, wherein most of the clan culture had been squelched and Gaelic was outlawed as part of English occupation. And wlw is an umbrella term, mc is bisexual.

hi, i really liked this! i had a few questions though- why would a time traveler board the titanic with a romantic interest, knowing what happens to the ship? also, why refer to it as solely wlw when based on how she fell for a man she's more accurately bi? again not trying to criticize just hoping to understand

@caulfieldreport wlw just means "women loving women" which applies to bi women too, it's used as an umbrella term to refer to all queer women--lesbians, bi and pan women, etc alike

@caulfieldreport for the titanic part of your question, from what I can tell she's a time traveler from before the time of the titanic. She doesn't know that the Titanic sinks because it hasn't happened yet; she hasn't traveled past 1912, so she wouldn't know. I may have missed something in the timeline but I think this is the explanation.