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Go Back To Sleep


How it all began
If truth be told
Had a master plan
Now I rule the world

Took 'em by surprise
Worked my way up hill
They looked into my eyes
I became invincible

King au: http://thedrunkking.tumblr.com/tagged/au%20timeline

12 tracks
2 comments on Go Back To Sleep

I love love LOVE the feel of this playlist! It's like, made to be a soundtrack for the au, and that's my fave type of fanmix :D I'm very late to the party, so sadly the link does not work anymore (I'm assuming a url change somewhere?) but I still very much appreciate what I can gather by the album art and the sounds. Gr10 playlist would listen to again

this playlist is like, my Absolute Favourite playlist ever, i luv it so much,
its got basically alllll the types of songs that i adooore, bless your playlists