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Caribbean Sounds from Martinique and Guadeloupe

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The music landscape from influential artists at Martinique and Guadeloupe. The playlist includes zouk music by Kassav'
Compas by Grammacks and Franky Vincent
Zouk-love by Daan Junior and more.

  • Zouk - La - Se Sel Medikaman Nou Ni by Kassav'
  • avèw by Zouk love Daan junior
  • Prix by "BÈL KADO" Aut/Comp : Thierry Vaton, Dédé Saint
  • ou pas bon original live by grammacks
  • Van Leve by piklizmusic
  • Ti Celeste by MESSIEU MESDANES
  • Fruit de la Passion L'Equipe du Son Rework by Francky Vincent
  • Lady Melody by Tom Frager
8 tracks
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