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Hard Times do not last. Hard Men Do.


Life is Tough.
My Body is My Weapon & I Plan on Winning

"There has never yet been a Man in our history who led a life of ease whose name is worth remembering"

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I love this playlist and I am not a man. It would be nice if it was called something like "Hard people do" to make it more applicable for women too so they don't shy away because of the name. just saying. Thanks for the motivational playlist :)

'Attitude Is Everything'
What something 'is called' shouldn't even remotely come into play, nor anyone allow oneself to be affected by a 'title', if you truly do live the values and tenets of this playlist.
-However, I do understand what you were getting at by "women shying away from it".
Those women needn't apply. The ones that get it, 'get it'; and aren't shying away from anything. They grab life by the 'balls', and God bless them for it!!!
-Stay Frosty