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Hello! I'm Suhaee Abro from Pak;istan. I'm extremely passionate about dance and I am a dancer by profession too :) I started learning classical dance at the age of 7. Started with Bharatanatyam and then Kathak and then we were taught some Odissi too. I did Pallavi and the one that you have posted! It's such a beautiful recording. Thank you so much for posting that and the track after that too! It was a jugalbandi between Madhavi Mudgal (Odissi) and Alarmel Valli (Bharatanatyam). Loved that too! Could you please please please email those two tracks to me? :)

I also do contemporary btw and I'm glad you posted the Pina soundtrack too! So beautiful!

Hi Suhaee! Sure I would love to email the songs to you. How to get your email id though? Does 8tracks allow private messaging?

Loved your metaphor of the jugalbandi between the odissi music and carnatic music.

Thanks everybody for your kind words. Thrilled that you are enjoying the playlist. I hope to put up another indian classical dance related playlist soon.