Volatile Flâneur
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if your day is bad the boss is bad and you did your bit and you have to do bd and delivery both and you are a cult above from scum that is human race and a serial loser yet a unique winner in your head and that you are profound and dark and distant and know what is sitra ahra and the darker abyss which is eternal pain and you are doomed because you can kill at will.. you are a dried bark of a tree in a wasteland and the green molasses on which numreous life insects run.. you cast spell by the pure and impure powers you are diaboic under white and black influence and you are just not to be ready to be eliminated .. and a phone rings yet to are there typing. .. and it is like i am stuck at my work station and i want to travel to far life... and be in oblivion.. then come here hear this fulfill your quench your quest through this primordial dark urge like a cannibal eating a human intestine in the dark of night. !! cut those fingers ... feel your pain be incomplete.