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a mix for allison, scott and stiles and their tethers looking for their anchors, trying to find a way out of the dark — or at least, a way to cope with the darkness around their hearts.

12 tracks
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i can't say how thankful i am for both these comments — well thought and well worded! thank you for rewarding my work woth your kindness, it really means a lot to me :D (especially the consideration on how the songs work well individually but better as a "pack")

This is such a good surprise. I know most of the songs, but I wouldn't guess they can work so well together. And the result is soothing, even if there's so much darkness in the theme. I think your fanmix has everything - good and accurate songs, that work individually, but are even better as a group (like werewolves), and, on top of that, there's this gorgeous cover. I bow down to you.