Volo Orbitspark
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lets go to the movies


i hope you love this it has tracks from the biggest movie franchises of the years i also put the sherlock holmes track in there so enjoys

  • Leia's Theme by Star Wars
  • Sherlock Holmes Theme Song by Omar Adel Hosney
  • Jurassic Park theme song. by revanth-prasad
  • Star Trek TNG by Theme
  • The Indiana Jones Theme by
  • The James Bond Theme by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Enders Game Final Soundtrack by Emader4te
  • Starship Troopers Theme by Christopher Norris 5
  • mitch murder by Mitch Murder
  • Captain America End Credits Theme by Banyudhiaaf
  • God of Thunder (Thor's Theme) by OminousVoice
  • Green Lantern's Theme by Riyakou
  • The Incredible Hulk by Craig Armstrong
13 tracks