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Blast from the Past


YOUR FRIEND... THE ATOM. more electricity... improved health... better foods... new products... all coming from... the atom!

"America in the year 2077 was a land of advanced technological achievements... and terrible civil strife. As in any age, most ordinary people wanted only one thing - a happy, peaceful life. What they got was complete nuclear annihilation" - loading screen, Fallout 4

Sweet tunes for the end of the world. And beyond.

tumblr: http://volpestarks.tumblr.com/post/144428228877/blast-from-the-past-listen-download-america

38 tracks
2 comments on Blast from the Past

this is my favourite fallout playlist hands down :') I'm rly glad you had download links because now I can listen to it whenever !! the amount of effort is astounding