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2 comments on infatuation

hey,, i love u and hope to spend the rest of my life with you even tho we are far apart. one day we are gonna live together in a small house in a cute neighborhood (preferably in iceland but it doesnt rly matter if im with u) and our house will be 100% pastel or neutrals; ur pick. and then one room will be 100% neon tho bc thatd be fun. like our own little pietro room complete w/ a claw machine too hopefully. and we dont have to go to school or a job or nothin cos i'll rob a bank for us. we'll have to change our names but its ok bc we both go by different names anyways so its perfect. i hope things are going alright for you and i wish we could spend more time together and be physically together so we could go climb up trees and build indian teepees and catch wild animals (and free them). love u asshole

@peachpi um I am In LOve w you. we can make a pietro shrine in the neon room n then also a RIP grave for the deirdres tht left both of our towns