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if the gods are good


They could be Sansa Rivers and Gendry Waters forever; have dark haired boys, with grey, Stark eyes and one wild, red haired girl they'll call Arya; they could tend to their inn, live simple uncomplicated lives and die peacefully in their beds. But they are Sansa Stark and Gendry Baratheon and they are destined to be the Queen in the North and her King in the South, so for now she will lie in his arms and whisper against his lips "I always wanted to be loved by a blacksmith.”

a sansa&gendry mix

12 tracks
2 comments on if the gods are good

wowowow. getting feels when i didnt even know i ship this. i am all for sansa and pod, so this was a lovely surprise :) thanks for a beautiful mix!!!

@dumastory I'm so glad you like it! I don't really know who I ship Sansa with (other than Sansa + happiness) but when this idea popped into my head I just had to make a mix for it!

Eek! I've always wanted someone to explore the AU possibilities of Sansa/Gendry, even though I ship Arya and Gendry like no one's business. This mix is great! I love the songs and the cover is soooo pretty. :D