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Restless Sands


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We are a dying breed
We have nowhere to hide
Up on our moutaintops
The kings of a lonely demise

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This was my favorite playlist before 8tracks went on hiatus. Although a nasheed does play for #7, I am fairly certain this was not the one originally included in this playlist. Does anyone recall the original?

From what I can see, Nashid who you have featured on your playlist are an Islam Fundamentalist music group whose most popular tracks include the "ISIS anthem," http://xmusic.fm/nashid-isis/ Not sure if you would support this on your 8tracks playlist.

@509836476 @509836476 Although i'm not certain about the Nashid-ISIS group, I do know that Nasheed/Nashid is a term for the islamic version of chants (think monks/people singing devotional songs). They are sung (usually) acapella about cultural/religious/history and beliefs. It's the style itself that is called nashid/anashid, it would be odd if a group was called it. It would be like calling a band "chorus", if that makes sense?