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won't you dance with me?

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This site won't work correctly for me no matter what i try. i can only listen to the first 3 songs and i'm already in love. If possible could someone please list the songs out for me.

Holy shit, I'm literally driven speechless by the beauty of this playlist? If the fic itself hadn't practically killed me when reading it, this playlist certainly placed the last nail in the coffin. It almost perfectly puts into sound the exact emotions I felt when I first read through "Make a spark, break the dark, find a light with me", and I'm half tempted to read through it again with this playlist on in the background because I'm certain the effect would be mind blowing.

Finally finished my second listen through of this. You've said that this is how you felt reading my fic, and I'm honestly blown away by the elegance of this playlist, the fact that my fic somehow came close to this is nearly crippling. I wish my fic felt as elegant as this, and I wish I had some of these songs to make the masquerade scenes so much more. I love every single song, all of them have been added onto some other playlist of mine. They are all inspirational, they've got such a wide range of emotions and feelings that are so easily to hear and relate to. I wish I could just lay here, bask in your playlist, and go on for hours about each song. But I cannot feasibly go through every song and just scream incoherently about them, so I'll just talk about my favorites: -City of the Dead might be my favorite song on here, personally. It's so grand, it's mysterious, it’s just wonderful to listen to. I could listen to it for hours and probably still not have enough to say about it. -The Vampire Masquerade I definitely wish I had when writing the dance scenes. It’s almost teasing? That’s at least how I feel, a bit. (Songs without lyrics are very hard for me to pin down for emotions that I can vocalize and fully understand, which is probably why I put this song on three of my playlists, and probably more later) -Hate Me…god, it just has such wonderful emotions in the lyrics, it fits so much about how I approach writing Ryomarx and their dynamic, -especially- for this fic. If ever can work out the kinks for the sequel, this will probably be the theme I build it around because I don’t think anything will fit better. -Meet Me On The Battlefield is an amazing song, especially for Ryomarx. It’s definitely is going to be oft listened to when I write the long slow burn fic I have for them. I can't thank you enough for making this, for being inspired to make this, for having such amazing taste. Just thank you so much for this. I'll listen to this often, I know.