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Dressed in a Coat of Armor


A fun party mix about foxes and horses and how Sakata Gintoki's 18th year on this planet was the best of his life.

10 tracks
2 comments on Dressed in a Coat of Armor

this is amazing! im in love. the first time i liked heads will roll on a playlist and thought it fit and isn't just an overused song. thank you for sharing!

*clenches fist* *screams* *throws hat on the ground dramatically while screaming* istg ney !!!!! every time i think things you create cant possible get any better you prove me wrong!! i mean this is excellent !!!! not that your other mixes arent but!!!!! this is perfect in every way. very in character, extremely painful. i loved it

@warlord camp Yaaaaay! This one's probably my favorite of all the mixes I've made, tbh. I feel like it works the best, and it sort of has a narrative. I half want to do another one, since this was made pre-current story arc, so I think the dynamic has changed a little bit. Not that much, though, because I hated Shouyou a lot even before shit hit the fan lol. I'm really glad you liked it! And I'm glad it wasn't fantasy stuff. Some of the songs are a little out there lol. Thank you as always for lovely Iyawagon comments.