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One Talon at a Time

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this is so good... everything is: the song choices, how perfectly in character they are, the annotations. im not even that big a fan of takasugi but this is just an incredibly well made playlist & made me feel a lot of things for him. also it was just a really cool emotional mix overall. you always make such wonderful playlists honestly, i never tire of listening to them

@warlord camp I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Your comments always make me smile, Iya! Yeah, tbh I'm not big on Takasugi either, this was just the byproduct of two years of going "oh, that's a Takasugi song!" once every couple months lol. I'm really happy you think it works. I feel like I learned a little bit about his character and came to empathize with him a teeeeeeeny tiny bit through making this. :>