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Let's Be Unhappy Together


> The main inspiration for this playlist were Grantaire and Éponine from Les Misérables. I always pictured them sitting on the kitchen floor and comforting each other. But really if you're in the mood to feel a little sorry for yourself - this mix is for you.

>> This playlist is also on Spotify which might be an option if you're outside the US/Canada.

>>> Cover art by me.

13 tracks
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1. GUILLEMOTS – I Don’t Feel Amazing Now 2. TOMTE – Ich Sang Die Ganze Zeit Von Dir 3. GOLDEN SILVERS – Another Universe 4. AMY WINEHOUSE – You Know I’m No Good 5. YODELICE – Sunday With A Flu 6. IGGY POP – Et Si Tu N’Existais Pas 7. DRY THE RIVER – No Rest 8. THE RADIO DEPT. – Why Won’t You Talk About It? 9. GLASVEGAS – The World Is Yours 10. BLUE FOUNDATION – Watch You Sleeping 11. PALOMA FAITH – Just Be 12. RADIOHEAD – High And Dry 13. GOLDEN SILVERS – Fade To Black