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Dreamcatchers and spiritcrushers vol. 1


Some of my favourite metal bands, which i admire for their ecclecticism, composition richness & emotional variety and depth. Including music by Alchemist, Between the Buried and Me, and Borknagar.

12 tracks
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Great mixtape man, I think you'll like a few of my playlists on my profile, judging from the songs and bands on this one.

1) Manes - Terminus A Quo/Terminus Ad Quem
2) Enslaved - To The Coast
3) Burst - Crystal Asunder
4) Hacride - Awakening
5) Alchemist - Nothing In No Time
6) Cult Of Luna - Dark Side Of The Sun
7) Extol - Blood Red Cover
8) Voivod - Le Pont Noir
9) Borknagar - Resonance
10) Frantic Bleep - But A Memory
11) Between the Buried and Me - Sun Of Nothing
12) Callisto - Where The Spirits Tread