Vriska Megido
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Homestuck Songs


Five tracks including music by AlyssaOtaku, ForOrchestra, and Himeko Hiriyama.
A mix of my favorite songs ^_^

  • The Condescension Song by AlyssaOtaku
  • Horns Over Heels cover by Broadway Karkat
  • United States Of Wwhatevver by Himeko Hiriyama
  • You Can't Fight the Homestuck by Kylee Henke
  • Homestuck 'Megalovania' For Orchestra by ForOrchestra
  • Karkahontas [myfreemp3.eu] by shotagasm
  • Safe and Sound by Broadway Aradia.
  • blue lips by Broadway Aradia
  • Green Blood by Broadway Nepeta
  • The Gypsy Bard (Homestuck Parody) by ashestoashesjc
  • 【Broadway Karkat】Strider Be Mine [Vinniemix] — Lyrics by Maka Alburn
  • Ave Mary Am By ♋Broadway Karkat♋ by ✎_国國国♌Sonido☁
  • Broadway Karkat Martyr Complex by wwhatevva_you
  • Strider Be Mine by Broadway Karkat
14 tracks
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