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dying horribly in space

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I love this playlist! Really inspiring and amazing but it seems that the download link it's broken and I was wondering if you had another link to download it. Thank you!

@celesthial Thank you so much! I've had some trouble with 2shared, they have deleted my files twice now. I'm going to be uploading everything onto mediafire and I will comment again to let you know when I've posted the new link. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I'm sorry it wasn't available!

I'm more of a history person than a space person but this is a killer soundtrack to a movie that doesn't exist (and satisfies my longing for a grimdark Star Trek AU). Really good selections and it brought me onto Gazelle Twin who have become a recent favourite.

@N3s4rt2 I'm so glad, I love Gazelle Twin! Thank you for your lovely comment! I'm right there with you waiting on that grimdark star trek content. My kingdom for some grimdark star trek content fml

@jadebloods god same honestly? what does the unforgiving vacuum of space even smell like? I think I remember reading something that said that when astronauts return from spacewalk on the ISS and smell their suits they say it smells like raw meat? LMFAO. UNSETTLING. I hope that's fake.

I've actually been working on a big space-horror RPG for a while now, and I've been trying to find the right kind of music. This... this is the right kind of music.