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Midnight Finals Studying


Keeps you diligent I swear, and you'll stay awake. Just keep a Starbucks Doubleshot in hand. Or Iced Venti White Mocha.

11 tracks
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I have listened to many study playlists, and this one has all of my favorites. You can never go wrong with 'Where is my mind'.

I loved this playlist from the very first time I listened to it, almost two years ago. Every few months, whenever I need to calm down and remember what is important in life, I come back and listen this awesome songs. Thank you!

Thank you, this is like, the perfect mixe!! I have a study on a book due tomorrow and well, im not very organise and this is gonna keep me motivated for the whole night!!! Thx a french girl :)

As it currently stands, this mix has inspired the existence of 6380 words in my dissertation. Excellent job, w3as3ly! Thanks a lot!