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Think On


In preparation for our upcoming exams, another study mix is definitely due.

Featuring 70 tracks of motivational instrumental music, including Howard Shore, Ramin Djawadi, Patrick Doyle, and, of course, even more Harry Potter.

Good luck everyone!

Part I: Read On: http://8tracks.com/cassandrascastle/read-on

69 tracks
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cI really can't thank you enough for this amazing playlist! I have such a hard time focusing when reading or writing but this playlist makes it so much easier to get my homework done. This is pretty much all I listen to now and it never gets old!

I listen to this playlist EVERY time I'm studying (that's almost every day). And it never gets old. Thank you SO SO SO MUCH for this! <3

A lot of words are actually coming to me while listening to this mix but none would be even close to describe how awesome this playlist is... Truly beautiful, thank you very much for sharing this