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The Queen of Sass

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Whaaaaaaat this track has most of my favriote songs on it , are you sure this is Thranduil's track or one the describes me ?!?! Anyway thank you for making an amazing track and including these AWSOME songs . Actually I've been thinking lately , aren't Magnus Bane ( mortal instruments ) and Thranduil very alike ?!?

@Pixie - wink 14368 Awwww, thank you for your kind words, I'm so glad you like it!!! I read the mortal instruments like 5 years ago and I don't rmember Magnus that much, but I guess you're right, they are both fabulous sassy immortal gays ^_^

Thanks for the mix, I've really been laughing at imagining Thandy rocking these songs. But then Diva by Beyonce can on and I am dieing because I hadn't heard the song before and It sounds like she is saying I'm a patato, I'm a patato, I'm a patato. I can't stop laughing Please send help. Yes, Thanduil you are a glorious drunk Potato head.