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Minecraft Background Playlist


I love the music in Minecraft, but it doesn't always cue when you want to. You could just make a playlist of all the C418 Minecraft music, but that won't last very long.
Thats why i'm making a playlist with some of the standard Minecraft soundtracks, but also some music i think fits with Minecraft. Enjoy your adventures ;) UPDATE: Seems that a lot of tracks got lost from soundcloud, so the mix is shorter than it used to be. ORIGINAL COVER PICTURE: www.youtube.com/user/animationcraftpg5

  • Swimmer by Caroline
    You know, i once found a squid in a 1x1 hole with water. Never saw a more chilled out squid than him in my life.
  • Mellow feat. Senna by Pete Philly & Perquisite
  • Subwoofer Lullaby Orchestra by Minecraft
    Look at those pigs outside, what a bunch of savage... euhm.. pigs! Nothing on their minds, free from sorrow. hmm... i wish i was a pig.
  • Subwoofer Lullaby by C418
    You better watch a sunrise/sunset while this is playing!
  • Sweden by Contrillion
    You see that corner of the world over there you haven't explored yet ? Well, what are you waiting for ! Oh, don't forget torches.
  • After 4am by Long Arm
  • Ollie Falls Asleep by Berlinist
  • Cuckoo by Tipper
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Okay. Thanks for replying. I usually don't get that nice feedback. You can send me a PM when the release is out, or email me @ jakedabomb100@gmail.com

This Mix is so relaxing, I listen to it to study, substitute it for Minecraft music, and sometimes, lie down and sleep. +1 Follower