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castle brennenburg

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A playlist for the demons that left black bruises around Daniel's throat in his dreams; for the screams that beat against the bars of a thousand cells and bounced off a thousand dank stone walls; for the Baron ascending the steps to his study slowly, as a fallen angel might climb the skies with broken wings and scrabble (futile) at the gates of Heaven. An Amnesia: the Dark Descent fanmix.

A short one this time, but I hope it's as enjoyable as my first. And I'm always open for suggestion.

  • For Elise by Beethoven
  • Portishead Remix by Wandering Star
    and the masks that the monsters wear / to feed upon their prey
  • Return of Harmony by Joshua Messick
  • If I Had a Heart by Fever Ray
  • Partita No. 6 by J.S. Bach
  • Paradise Circus (feat. Hope Sandoval) (Gui Boratto Remix) by Massive Attack
    the devil makes us sin / but we like it when we are spinning in his grip
  • Lacrimosa (Mozart) by Víctor Carbajo
7 tracks
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