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songs for shakespearian space empires

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for the translation of an old story into a new setting; for plotting villains and their conflicted lovers, deep prisons where traitors weep, great and inexorable religions, and the ultimate victory of fate. for nessie, my good friend, and the evenings we've spent brainstorming and plotting ♥

  • And The Roots of Albion's Tree by Disparition
  • 08 De Jordiska Frojdernas Paradis by crossmeister
  • Douce Dame by OrpheusProject
  • Interstellar traveler by S.Bluyer
  • The Last Plantagenet (1) by MaryAnn Tedstone
  • Medieval Drum Dance by Mince Pye
  • Animus Vox by The Glitch Mob
7 tracks
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