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"You're Only Moving In Circles"


A mix for the furry/horror visual novel Echo, in development by Howly and HTBH Games! I fell in love with this game and its character and story last year when my friend showed it to me and I was more or less hooked from the moment I started the game up.

Tracks 1 & 2: Case of Chase
Tracks 3 & 4: Case of Leo
Tracks 5 & 6: Case of Carl
Tracks 7 & 8: Case of Flynn
Tracks 9 & 10: Case of Jenna
Tracks 11 & 12: Case of TJ
Track 13: Case of Sydney

The beautiful cover art for this mix is taken from the title screen of the game and is an illustration done by strange-fox over on FurAffinity which can be found here; http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20788603/

13 tracks
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@lightheal I'm so sorry I missed your comment I just logged into this for the first time in months and this is the nicest thing anyone's said to one of my mixes thank you so much that means a lot