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Ní bhionn gach fánaí ar strae


This playlist is once again for a dear friend of mine ( http://8tracks.com/volens ), who's birthday is coming up, yaaay! ^^ Happy birthday, pumpkin! Hope you'll enjoy this

P.S.:The titile is basically irish for "Not all those who wander are lost", a verse from Tolkien's poem "All That is Gold Does Not Glitter". I don't know the language so i had to make use of Google translate and forums to get this right and I'm still not sure if i managed to do that. If you find any faults in it, please do let me know! ^^"

I don't own the cover art. The photograph was made by Mikko Lagerstedt, ' a self-taught fine art photographer from Finland'. You can check his other works on his official website: http://www.mikkolagerstedt.com/

14 tracks
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