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A Playlist for the Big Guy

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From the Shadow Broker Dossier on Garrus Vakarian, Visor Specs:

-Audio link plays music per user request. Top 5 choices during firefight:

1)"Die for the Cause" (turian imperial anthem)
2)"Fire in the Courtyard" (soundtrack, Fleet and Flotilla)
3)"Bang Bang Boom" (Club Kicks, dance mix)
4)"Hurt Me Deeper" (Best of Expel 10, dance mix)
5)"Blue Azure"(Vaenia, soundtrack)

  • Black & Gold by LUKE REEVE (LucasGrey)
  • Were Gonna Start (Original Mix) [Unreleased Digital] by Leventina
  • Crystallize by Violin
  • Roll Tide by Crimson Tide
  • Tiesto Fuckin Yeah! (WorldElectroMusic Mix) by Álef Soares
  • Happiness Is A Warm Gun by AcrossTheUniverseOST
  • Kerek A Szőlő Levele by Kamanduk
  • Tessellate by Alt-J
  • The View of Palaven by 05
  • Black Summer (live) by Efterklang
  • Self Improvement by Sigha
11 tracks