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POTO Jukebox Musical: "Welcome to the Masquerade"


A (totally-not-serious) jukebox version of ALW's Phantom musical.
Tracklist: http://bit.ly/1ezKmUc
Original Cover Art Credit: http://bit.ly/1gVquMh
Inspired By: http://bit.ly/1ldf5L1

**Reuploaded due to problems in the original post**

24 tracks
2 comments on POTO Jukebox Musical: "Welcome to the Masquerade"

Oh my goodness the gives you hell song I legitimately laughed when I heard the chorus and it finally clicked. Also I don't usually like jukebox musicals but I love this.

@ClassicalContretemps thank you! the funny thing is I can't stand them either! but my friend made one, then my other friend did that ridiculous Raoul photoshoot, and I HAD to make one!

I'm having the same problem as with the last upload. :( I use Safari, too, and I completely reset it and cleared my cache and it still just keeps loading indefinitely when I get to the end of Dark Horse or try to skip it. I sent in a help ticket about it with the last mix, so hopefully they will be able to help...