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a mask of secrets and dust


A fanmix for Christina Im's work-in-progress, On The Midnight Streets. In her own words, "A girl and her bookshop, a boy and his hat, thievery, love, clockwork, corruption, the rich and the poor, and rebellion seething in a divided city."

Read the amazing, amazing WIP on Figment here: http://figment.com/books/664655-On-the-Midnight-Streets Christina's also on 8tracks as clocksandcages.

Cover image courtesy of dontcatchafallingknife.tumblr.com, edited to add text.

  • The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • Dark Paradise (Violin Version) by Lana Del Rey
  • ify by Everything Has Changed (Taylor Swift) cover
  • The Force Theme by Star Wars
  • Fortune Favors The Brave (From Aida) (2009) by Elton John: Every Story Is A Love Story
  • Moonlight Sonata: First Movement at 75 by Kevyn Kross
  • Ode To Joy by Craig Duncan
  • Original by Skyfall By Adele
8 tracks
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You beautiful beautiful human being you. AGH. So "Skyfall" is PERFECT, because I already think of it as one of the WIP's theme songs, and "Phantom" was such a brilliant touch. Gah, that song. And I hadn't heard the Lana or Taylor song before BUT THEY ARE BOTH SUBLIME. The former is AMAZING for a character I haven't even introduced yet and the latter is just SO much Finn/Chantilly OTP I just can't. (Also the fact that you thought OtMS merits a fanmix that has Star Wars in it. Too awesome.) Plus "Fortune Favors the Brave" was new to me as well and I LOVE IT. And... and... BEETHOVEN FEELS! Basically you are THE MOST FABULOUS PERSON OF EVER for making this and I ADORE YOU FOREVER. THANK YOU.

PS: If you like making playlists then I think you might find Spotify beneficial - I personally use that for most of my music needs. (I'm here if you decide to join! https://play.spotify.com/user/starfythegreat).

@clocksandcages Haha, you're welcome :D To be honest, I don't actually listen to a lot of songs, so what happened with Lana and Taylor was that I Googled them, picked according to song title, and found it here. Where my expectations were wholly surpassed. Can't wait to see this mysterious character! As for Star Wars, I was literally thinking, "OtMS needs a SW song." and ruled out Imperial March, Duel of the Fates and the opening theme before remembering this one. And actually I do have a Spotify, but for some reason didn't use it after opening it. Anyways, I'm really glad you liked it!