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starlight slipping, falling


Long will I tarry 'ere I begin this war for gold.

once upon a time, we shone bright in the night sky of a faraway planet. and perhaps we have always yearned to go back to the stars.

for thranduil oropherion, elvenking of eryn lasgalen. crown of red leaves and sword of silver and eyes of steel and hair of mithril. 'rage, rage against the dying of the light.'

For more fangirling, check out my Hobbit marathon to substantiate the Blind!Thranduil headcanon: http://bit.ly/1Re2bJZ

  • The Hobbit Main Theme by amanofscience
  • Lana Del Rey by Once Upon A Dream
  • The Bridge of Khazad-Dûm by Howard Shore
    when khazad-dûm flourished, erebor was still rising. when smaug came, the greenleaves blossomed. when mirkwood was tainted, durin's day came. when the lonely mountain was reclaimed, moria boasted only drums, drums in the deep.
  • Across the Stars by Across the stars
    As Christina would say, there is always a Star Wars soundtrack in my playlists.
  • Moonlight Sonata (First Movement) by Digital Front
  • The Rains of Castamere by Karliene
  • Time To Say Goodbye (Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman) by AmandaRosa
    i open at the close.
  • Original by Skyfall By Adele
  • Over Hill by Howard Shore
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Hearted this before I even heard the playlist just coz... that picture... that description! Loved the music too tho :P

@grace.summers aaaah, thank you so much! Lee Pace is truly a wonderful actor, even if the movie rendition deviates from bookverse mildly. And thanks with regards to the description; I'm something of an author myself, and playing with the poetry was really fun :D

@wanderingmemory Don't think I didn't notice the interstellar quote. Well Dylan Thomas quote but whatevs. I am so glad you put the themee tune in! I hadn't even thought to look it up and now... its on a loop. Probably will be for the foreseeable future too :P Yeah. Tbh I kind of think about the movies as a completely separate thing from the book. I loved the book so much and the film kind of took the skeleton then threw a million different storylines at it. Why was Legolas even THERE! But I digress...Yeah the films were awesome in a different way. Looking forward to a mega marathon as soon as I have all the DVD's. Only 22 hours. I CAN TOTES DO THIS

@grace.summers I was just thinking, "Okay. Elves. Stars. Ooh, Interstellar! Ooh, poetry!" I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The Interstellar theme is absolutely amazing, because HANS ZIMMER. I do enjoy some of the book's deviations, like the White Council battle, but some of it just didn't work. I think once BotFA releases on DVD, all of the fans will be doing the mega marathon XD

Two things: a) that description is beautiful and perfect and fangirling material all on its own, and b) THIS IS THE MOST BREATHTAKING FANMIX EVER OH MY GOODNESS. I just need to keep it and listen to it on repeat forever and ever.

@topazwinters Oh my goodness thank you so much! We seriously need to have that Hobbit marathon when BotFA DVD comes out, okay? (Psst, I added notes for each song in a similar vein to the description, so if you liked it, you might want to read those too!)

@wanderingmemory Um, YES. This is going to be a thing. Also, I am a terrible tech person, so do forgive me if this is obvious: how exactly do I see those notes?

@topazwinters Huh, it pops up automatically when I play it. I'm clueless-but there's an exact replica on my most recent blog post. Check your Twitter DM ;)