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For when you're feeling sad...


I published this on my birthday when i turned 15 and i was in a pretty dark place. I had lack of confidence and I was very insecure and I was almost sad everyday tbh. But now I got better, I'm getting confident. Idk I hope this playlist helps you somehow!.- 11/10/2014, 22.25pm.

( Added some quotes, annotations and new songs - 28/04/2015) {Also, believe me when i say that that it does gets better}

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My aunt past away from cancer and my mom if fighting. I'm scared but yet I'm thankful that she has gotten this far. Thank you, you don't know how much this means to me. THANK YOU

@ava-j-14752 I didn't get notified about this comment so i'm only seeing this now, and i hope you see my reply. Thank you for your comment and i am very sorry for your loss. I too lost many relatives to cancer. Please stay strong and i hope your mother gets better. Stay strong

@narryspanks I know how you feel believe me, I use to feel the same way! I'm glad that I at least helped you a bit :), stay strong and never give up ! xx