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Mischief Managed


what modern Marauders would listen to when they hang out. In the Gryffindor common room, Probably with a drink or two or some cig, James and Sirius getting a bit drunk and slur some words. Probably play a bit of drunk spin the bottle ( they know it's childish but they're drunk so.)
James snogging Lily. Or if you're a wolfstar shipper like me, Sirius snogging Remus. And then there is Peter who is just nodding his head to the music.

Obviously: Sirius picks the music, James agrees and Remus is annoyed but secretly like it. While Peter and Lily just starts jamming.

14 tracks
6 comments on Mischief Managed

Let's be honest, James and Sirius would have complete control over music, so this playlist is perfect. Remus would act all annoyed but secretly love it, and Peter would just be happy with whatever. This is great - thanks for putting it together!

@teaisforturner Haha to be honest, when I read '' Let's be honest'' I though, uh oh, I've done something wrong with the playlist haha. Thank you for your comment, i completely agree haha.