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my head is a jungle


yes, children have gone missing. no, they were not pulled out of their beds by gnashing teeth and blood-soaked paws. it’s not that I don’t believe that there are wolves in the forest that lies at the edge of our property. as Jackson said, we’ve all heard them crying out into the night. it’s just that unlike the older generations, I don’t believe that they are beasts in man suits looking to haul away our young.

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I absolutely enjoy listening to all your playlists, but this one is my favorite :). I've discovered so many new songs from old and new artists! I've actually been meaning to say that I was so genuinely flattered when you followed me as I first found your playlist, "this is a bad town for such a pretty face" while browsing on 8tracks so indirectly, I have you to thank for introducing Gin Wigmore!