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I think they never liked you anyway

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TheUnderfell AU doesn't interest me at all, but I clicked this playlist bc of curiosity to hear why this has "gem" status, and when I heard the first notes of track 2 I was hooked. The gem status is well-deserved. Great picks for cohesive sound and narrative lyrics.

Niiiiiice! I'm not really familiar with Underfell tho, I've tried looking it up but am still a little confused. What's MTT's role like in this AU? (I love the playlist :D)

@ruru_ainulindale Dude, I'm confused, too. But I guess it's an AU where every personality is alternated (keeping a few characteristics from Undertale). If I'm not wrong, monsters act in that dark way because, after Asriel and Chara's death, the underground was really devastated and the rules and all that thing were very different. (Ex: Papyrus is a smart and silent cookie and isn't our lovely cinnamon roll.) Which means Mettaton is in fact a killer robot built by Dr. Alphys (never asking to be made), he hates himself and uh, doesn't have all that spark (I don't know how to put it, sorry)? And, well, there's also this headcanon that's all about Mettaton and Naps sharing this body, which can mean MTT has double personality (although there are a few headcanons about this but ummm, Mettaton's got two programs fighting to take control over him??). Boy, I'm such a mess. I hope you understand it! And thanks!!

@wanderweiss Actually that clears it up a lot! And makes the songs on this list all the more fitting :D. I love his design most of all. Thanks for the description, I've been curious about this for a long time but didn't follow it at the beginning when info was easier to find lol (sorry, my reply is acting weird... it's blank above this from my standpoint so if this is a double-reply i apologize hahah)