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Mega Nepic (Nerd+Epic)


All things Brony, Whovian, Nerdcore and packed full of more Awesomesauce than your grandmother ever made. If it's nerdy, quirky, or full of geeky pride; it's here! ROCK OUT!

  • The Ballad of Jensen and Jared by Virginia Tingley
  • Oh, Jk Rowling - A Harry Potter Song by Hank Green
  • Mr. Raven by MC Lars
  • Goth Girls MC Frontalot Cover by Alix Sinnamon
  • cpu or die(mc frontalot by Shyft
  • BRONY STYLE ~ Rucka Rucka Ali by RuckaRuckaAli
  • Eurobeat Brony 'Discord' (The Living Tombstone Remix) For Orchestra by ForOrchestra
  • Proud To Be A Brony By BlackGryph0n {EileMonty Cover} by EileMonty
  • Skullcrusher Mountain [Jonathan Coulton] by ekipatez
  • Male Feminist (Featuring Mazeman) by MC Lars
  • MicthMicrophoneZero or Mic by Sonic Rhyme Boom
  • [Not my song] Awoken by H8 Seed and WoodenToaster
  • Aviators Friendship by Al Salir de Clase
  • Save ginny weasley from dean thomas by brainslayer
  • 06 Blink by Eldisty
  • 10 Friends of the Ood [Acoustic] by Eldisty
  • Lovegood (Cover) by Ministry of Magic
17 tracks
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