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the sun is up


On earth, the terrible things
and the beautiful things
continue to happen beside each other.

On the moon in the darkness, nothing.
On earth in the darkness, sometimes
rain swells like applause.

(Jeffrey Morgan, "All Night No Sleep Now This")

the mix is partially inspired by this lovely drabble: http://da-da-daaa.tumblr.com/post/131546509402

tracklist: http://hasegunwa.tumblr.com/post/137773965415

11 tracks
2 comments on the sun is up

this was perfect! every song fit so well and was so beautiful. i think you've got me hooked on a lot of new artists on this one! and reminded me of others i forgot about! thank you for sharing this beautiful mix for these lovely ladies and their lady love, iya!

@voted thank you ney !!!! such high praise!!!! ( im smiling a lot !!) im v glad u liked it! and your comments are always so sweet, thank you for cheerin me up like this