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I Met Him at a Bar

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hello everyone==IM LISTENING== TO=wherearethe is the band from ==??? thankyou = =I METHIMINABAR==I HAVE AN IDEA==I MEET SOME WOMAN IN A BAR ALSO ==I GO IN SOBER ABD COME OUT SOBER==I NEED A CLEAR MINDSET == JUST BE ALERT ,KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING AT ALL TIMES==FOCUS =ON THE AREA WHERE YOU ARE AT=KNOW WHEN TO QUIT= I found you to day researching on line up late again from the worlwidecity ==== this is totally diffferant ==I was watching youtube channel WORLDofsurprises=== im putting together something soon == life is to fast ok slow = down = stay clean = someone cares about you == SOUNDS KRAZY BUT TRUE=really ==sex is not dangerous WHEN you find out some secrets== highschools etc they need help too == our body is ==powefull and == everyone goes through different stuff ==ok== im not a scientist,or a doctor == sounds krazy = but not really there to afraid of telling == life is prescious==no buudy is the same ==everyone of us is different == try natural medicine ==sometimes we need a doctor ==but we are unique == I -- wish I could go to law school ==there is so many things to complicated in those books every course is full of books == so many books on the planet its krazy === how we did it= =====================================================an answer to the worlds delima ========== be yourself =====