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The Flame of her heart and the Promise to her Sword


A playlist only for Leora/Bedivere because she is amazing and badass and her devotion to Arthur is so cute.
She will sacrifice even herself, and will do so until the flame of her life burns out.
"a promise for a day that would come". To stop the arrival of that day, she swore on her sword - that she would survive.
Leora, who had worn her new uniform didn't cut her hair because of her resolutions. "I've noticed that it was love." she confessed after she, together with the Gaulet-User, fought off evil flames. "However, I didn't realize my real feelings." She looked up towards where Utopia used to be. "That's why this is an unrequited love." She smiled. "But once again, I want to fall in love with the real him."

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